Our Must Read Books from Silicon Valley Press and Why We Love Each One

As the year winds down we like to take a moment to look back at the incredible writing that has come through our hands in recent years as publishers of Silicon Valley Press. If you aren’t already familiar with us, Silicon Valley Press is in the  business of enabling leaders and thinkers to create the books they’ve aspired to write, and to get them published. Below is a list of the more recent works we’ve released. We encourage you to share this list with those you think would enjoy reading any of these titles.

Fans Have More Friends by Ben Valenta and David Sikorjak


David Sikorjak and Ben Valenta have pored over tons of data, gone deep on stories, and found some astonishing facts about people who identify as sports fans. As a medium sports fan, I loved the positive messages in Fans Have More Friends and recommend it to anyone seeking validation for their own commitment as a fan, as well as anyone interested in a richer, more contented life. Even sports haters will find both data and conclusions here which will at least help them understand us sports fans a lot better.

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Pluck by Alfred and Blair Sadler

PLUCK: Lessons We Learned for Improving Healthcare and the World

What is more profound than getting to work with the guys who were at the forefront of the creation of the 911 system and the physician’s assistance program and the donor program? Because of their tenacity and willingness to collaborate with various personalities, the initiatives identical twins Alfred and Blair Sadler were a part of have no doubt saved countless lives. With Pluck, the Sadler brothers’ have taken what they learned years ago about collaboration- with each other and various colleagues and mentors – for helping make changes happen and applied it to this book.

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Bravo Zulu by Jerry Yagen

BRAVO ZULU: My Search to Save Classic Warbirds

This book brings to life 19 of the most impactful war machines ever built. These warbirds became truly lethal once they figured out how to synchronize the machine guns with the propellers. Primitive by today’s standards, these planes were flown by astonishingly brave and skilled young men in service to their countries. The photos alone are worth the price, but it’s the stories of the battles, the pilots, and the rescues and resurrections that make this book so engrossing.

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A Hole in the Clouds by Maryles Casto

A HOLE IN THE CLOUDS: From Flight Attendant to Silicon Valley CEO

The epitome of the American dream, Maryles Casto landed in the United States as an unemployed flight attendant from the Philippines in the supremely cutthroat environment that is Silicon Valley and learned to thrive within it. Her refusal to be intimidated and to meet challenges head on was critical when she followed her heart to a new country, learned a new language, had a short stint at knocking on doors dragging Avon products around to becoming the CEO of the go-to travel agency for Intel, apple, Syntex, Kleiner Perkins, and more. Eventually becoming the only travel agent Andy Grove trusted to handle his travel plans.

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First Light of Day by Michael JT Steep

FIRST LIGHT OF DAY: A Cautionary Tale of Our Future

Michael JT Steep is one of today’s leading experts on technology innovation. Uniquely qualified to describe the impact of unchecked technology development currently underway, Steep’s novel looks ahead 30 years, and predicts a future not dystopian, but certainly challenging. People willing to reexamine what they think they know about AI and the less-understood minefields ahead will love it. This is no green slime health drink; it’s a banquet, with tempting appetizers, meaty entrée, and a serious technology update for dessert. Just because it’s good for us doesn’t make it any less entertaining. And if it makes you a bit more of a critical thinker about technology, great. 

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Find Your Difference by Austin McGhie

FIND YOUR DIFFERENCE: Challenging Conformity in Business and in Life

This is not another marketing book. Like McGhie’s previous book Brand Is A Four-Letter Word, it is also a social commentary on the complicated dance with difference in our culture and the push and pull between being different, fitting in and being extraordinary. The importance of this book is in helping us think about the importance and the value of being different. If we all thought the same, we would all still be living in caves and huts. We’d have no MLK, Andy Warhol or Steve Jobs. Innovation requires someone to step out of the box, risk being called a heretic for innovation to occur. 

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El Tercer Pais by Michael S. Malone

EL TERCER PAIS: Two Countries, Two Cities, One Community

Two of the most important cities in North America are so physically close they would touch were they not separated by a wall at the US-Mexico border. El Tercer Pais explains how this synergy and harmony wasn’t always the case and how it came about. Distant from their respective nation’s capitals, they came to understand that their futures were in their own hands, and they have responded with aggressive and positive actions for their mutual benefit. Historical events, bad and good intentions among citizens, business leaders and politicians – all add up to a chronicle of a most unusual community that proves for people of good will, we are not doomed to history repeating itself. 

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The IPO Playbook by Steve Cakebread

THE IPO PLAYBOOK: An Insider’s Perspective on Taking Your Company Public and How to Do It Right

Steve Cakebread is the CFO who brought Salesforce, Pandora and Yext public. In his book, The IPO Playbook, Cakebread lays out the what, when and how companies go public. As the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) CEO Stacey Cunningham said, “Steve Cakebread knows the capital markets like few others.” He has done it three times and what’s most impressive is his skill at relating the why. In a time of quick flips, exactly why the rigors of becoming a publicly traded company is worth it. The great companies of the world are independent and publicly owned.

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