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There is no team more fun, more innovative, and more flexible to work with than Joe and Atiya. Atiya brings an infectious energy to every project — and Joe, with his unmatched experience, is of course, a Silicon Valley legend. It’s a powerful combination that I’ve found is up for any challenge and any new idea. And they know how to execute — a rare talent in this town. Whenever I get a new idea for a project, I go to SVP first.

- Michael S. Malone, Silicon Valley journalist


Atiya Dwyer

Founder & Partner

12 years ago, I co-founded Silicon Valley Press, a concierge publishing company. As a founding partner in the firm, I have worked to curate a company that prides itself on excellence and integrity. I am proud of our team of professional writers, editors, book designers and PR and marketing people who bring their many years of experience to serve a discerning clientele.

I am passionate about working with clients who want to share their very best thoughts and ideas with the world. I love books and have always been an avid reader. I know firsthand that a well written book can leave a profound and positive impact on the reader.

I have striven to be a life-long learner who thrives on challenging my own thinking. My partner describes me as the most critical thinking  person he has even known. His optimism coupled with my more deliberate mindset have enabled Silicon Valley Press to evolve as a competent operation. We are trusted for both our mastery of book publishing and our integrity.

I studied pre-law at Mills College and completed the Professional Coaching Course at New Ventures West. I love traveling, weight training, music, tennis, learning to play golf, and exploring other adventures with my husband and daughter, all while managing our menagerie of animals: the family horse, Gunner, Tika the Great Dane and our cat, Joker. Our family calls both Alameda and Sonoma County California, home.


Joe DiNucci

Founder & Partner

In 2010, I accepted Atiya Dwyer’s invitation to become a founding partner in Silicon Valley Press, bringing my passion for sharing the genuine entrepreneurism of the Valley, to help smart people who have ideas to share to do so. In nearly 30 projects across a dozen years at SVP, the  creative phase of generating the manuscript - and the intense detail of the design, distribution and promotion of the publication phase - have captured my energies and fed my soul.

I’m a 42-year sales and marketing veteran of Silicon Valley, with 50 years in high technology. That business experience plus a rigorous coaching education is the basis of my professional coaching practice “Surviving Success”, started in 2007. 15 years of coaching has given me the business insights and human empathy to engage fully with our authors.

In Spring 2021 I co-founded Aging Interrupted with my wife Hedda Adler. Hedda is a lifelong practitioner of healthy living, and author of Ageless – 5 Keys to a Miraculous Life at Any Age. I’m the recovering coach potato. Together we are out to blow up the myths about aging.

I hold a BSME from Carnegie Mellon University, an MBA from Duquesne University, and a coaching certification from New Ventures West. Besides SVP and coaching, my life includes Hedda, my sons David and Michael, grandkids Jack and Kate, and daily walks on Carmel beach.


Lauren Cuthbert


I aim to create engaging copy that delivers messages clearly and concisely. An alumna of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, I have helped clients express themselves across a variety of mediums for more than 20 years, including a ghostwriting career that recently saw a book published by McGraw-Hill.

Articles under my own name have appeared worldwide, including in the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong); the San Francisco Chronicle; the Atlanta Journal-Constitution; and A Magazine (Beirut). My travel stories have been anthologized in A Woman's Asia (Travelers’ Tales) and Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel (The Globe Pequot Press). Ghostwritten books, articles and blog posts have focused on disruptive innovation, marketing and communications, environmental sustainability, science and medicine, and women's health and welfare.

When it comes to ghostwriting, writing chops aren’t enough. Equally important is the ability to tease out stories, which is why it helps to think like a journalist. I also put a premium on capturing an author’s voice. There’s a rhythm and cadence to everyone’s speech, as well as a proclivity for certain words and phrases, and I want to capture that. The idea is to understand how you think.

At the end of our book project together, a client told me I was like a fifth lobe in her brain. That just might be the highest compliment a ghostwriter can receive.

Cheryl Dumesnil

Cheryl Dumesnil


A former Santa Clara University professor, I’m a regular contributor to Huffington Post and ESME.com. For over twenty years I have taught writers of all ages, at both undergrad and graduate levels. I ghost write and edit blog posts, articles, op-ed pieces, books, and more for businesses leaders and anyone else who needs help launching their words into the world.

My books include two collections of poems, “Showtime at the Ministry of Lost Causes” and “In Praise of Falling” (winner of the Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize and the Golden Crown Literary Society Prize for Poetry); a memoir, “Love Song for Baby X: How I Stayed (Almost) Sane on the Rocky Road to Parenthood”; and the anthology “Dorothy Parker's Elbow: Tattoos on Writers, Writers on Tattoos”, co-edited with Kim Addonizio.

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Susan Goldberg


I am an award-winning writer, editor, blogger, and essayist. For more than 25 years, I’ve been working with a wide range of clients to  translate their messages and goals into clear, compelling copy.

My work has been featured in The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Ms. magazine, Today’s Parent, Advisor’s Edge, Investment Executive, Corporate Knights, the Canadian Bar Association’s National and Canadian Corporate Counsel Association magazines, University Affairs, and on the CBC. I have written and edited thousands of articles for these and other clients, and have edited  and/or co-authored dozens of books.

I have a BA in (what else?) English from McGill University and an MA in women’s studies from York University. I live in Canada, just north of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Vanessa Campos

Vanessa Campos


I started my book publishing career at Entrepreneur Press where I served as marketing specialist and production manager before taking on the position of sales and marketing director. Having learned the business inside and out I am able to help authors think like publishers and publishers think like savvy authors.

To date, I've worked with hundreds authors ranging from CEOs to solopreneurs and see every book as an opportunity to launch and diversify content to a larger audience through worldwide distribution regardless of how you decide to publish.