Why do so many executives hire someone to help them to write a book or blog?

It takes a lot to run a business or a company. It’s typically an author’s full time job. Writing a book is a major undertaking. Often, those who choose to do it all themselves take some time off, perhaps a yearlong sabbatical. If you don’t have that option, the SVP team can make the book a reality instead of a dream or an aspiration. 

Why don’t you simply hire a ghostwriter?


  • SVP will offer a selection of higher quality writers
  • We’ve built a very strong roster
  • We’ve been doing this since 2009
  • The writers trust us and our process
  • If the initial choices don’t suit, we will offer others
  • The choice of writer is important, and the choice is yours
  • The editor will align well with the writer; this relationship is critical
  • The research assistant will know what’s needed
  • We will keep all the players engaged and on track
  • SVP can manage all aspects of the author’s chosen path to publication

SVP’s process is all about execution. There are countless details and pitfalls to navigate in bringing a book to life. SVP has learned just what it takes. There are far more books started than ever get completed. But not by SVP: Every book we’ve started over seven years has gotten published. We do not quit.

What SVP is not?

SVP is not a pure ghostwriting service. There are services that you can meet with once or twice, tell them you want a book written about Silicon Valley culture, or the roots of cloud computing, or leadership, or the Golden Gate Bridge, and they will come back 6 or 9 months or a year later with a 250 page manuscript. Most of the ideas in a book like that are mainly from the writer, with the author saying Yes or No.

Some ghost writing is more collaborative than that. But the distinction we stress is this: SVP polishes and curates your ideas, and your involvement is more direct and sustained than in classic ghost writing.

SVP has created a very robust and refined process that enables your thoughts to be verbalized, and then assembled into a coherent book or blog stream, in your style and your voice. And we never fail to finish. 

Now what?

If you’re still reading, then the next move should be a conversation with SVP. We’d be glad to meet to understand your thinking, and assess whether or not we can serve your purpose. We look forward to working with you.