How does it work?

Here are some of the questions we have found valuable to ask in our initial meeting:
  • What is your purpose?
  • Who is your readership?
  • What do you want the book to do for the reader?
  • What do you want the book to do for you?
SVP divides the project into distinct phases and deliverables:

Creating the Manuscript

This is the real meat - the drafting, revising and editing of the book. It may start with your notes, your first draft, or possibly a series of interviews of you by the writer. Regardless, the manuscript is yours, your ideas, expressed in your voice. The deliverable is a manuscript signed off by you, ready to submit for publication.

The Path to Publication

There are various ways for a manuscript to become a book. Unless you have already decided, SVP will help you to assess which path best serves the book. SVP will then navigate the path for you. Options may include a traditional New York publisher, a hybrid publisher, or Silicon Valley Press. The deliverable of Phase 2 is your book ready for sale and delivery through major online and physical outlets, as an ink-on-paper physical book, or an e-book, or both.

Promoting the Book

The most context-dependent phase. Promotion is a function of what your aspirations are for the book. The promotion plan depends on whom you want to reach, and where you are most likely to command their attention. Options may include a launch party, a book tour, press and media interviews, conference speeches, displays on airport newsstands, and many others. SVP may refer you to an appropriate public relations resource. Of course the promotion program is also a function of your budget.

SVP will provide fixed price proposals for each of the three phases. This enables you to optimize the whole project for your specific situation.