Find Your Difference: Challenging Conformity in Business and in Life

by Austin McGhie

This book is for marketers. If you are selling anything―a product, a service, a company, an idea, a place, or a brand―you are a marketer.

Part exploration and part exhortation, Find Your Difference is a unique collection of observations, case studies, and hard-earned lessons from marketing expert and BRAND Is a Four Letter Word author Austin McGhie.

With humor and wisdom, McGhie makes the case for identifying your difference, highlights the importance of being distinctive, points out the “difference dampeners” that hold you back, and offers advice for creating real-world difference in business and in life. Here, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify what makes your brand and products unique
  • The top ten things to consider as you pursue difference
  • A five-step plan for getting those around you prepared to “do different”

No matter what you’re selling, difference is key to building an audience. This practical guide provides thought-provoking tips and strategies designed to challenge you, inspire you, and, most importantly, help you find your difference.

What people say about it

Branding powerhouse Austin McGhie has nailed it again in Find Your Difference. It turns out people are hardwired to notice what's different. So if you want to stand out—and who doesn't?—you have to be different. How hard is that? The answer is VERY HARD. Austin reveals the secrets to creating your difference so that you can separate from the crowd and win big."

—Andy Cunningham, founder & CEO of Cunningham Collective and author of "Get to Aha! Discover Your Positioning DNA" and "Dominate Your Competition"

The formula for producing true brand differentiation is one of the most explored and consistently least understood business topics. Find Your Difference is a fun, thought-provoking and ultimately pragmatic journey into the challenges and process of generating a truly differentiated position. A must-read for corporate executives and aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to breakthrough with impactful consumer focused innovation.

—Paul Yanover, president of Fandango

About the Author

Austin McGhie

Before turning thirty-five, Austin McGhie ran a CPG marketing and sales team and a leading advertising agency. Since then, he has successfully gotten older, run two more agencies, and built a nationally recognized marketing-strategy business from the ground up before selling it to a global communications company. Today, he and his business partner, Alpa Pandya, happily run a small but mighty marketing-strategy consulting business. Along the way, Austin has advised clients such as Kellogg’s, Disney, Boeing, Nike, ESPN, NBC, YouTube, Levi Strauss, Westin, Amazon, Facebook, Visa and Unilever.

Austin McGhie