Why Work With Silicon Valley Press

Silicon Valley Press is a 21st century creation that couldn’t have existed 25 years ago. Thanks to technological advances and a steep learning curve, SVP is able to create, launch and promote that book you’ve been thinking about. And if our other clients’ comments are typical, you will not only enjoy the process, but you’ll be very glad you did it.

In its 12 years of existence, SVP has created 28 books. Some began as a complete draft manuscript; others as just a blank page. Some clients had their own ideas for the needed research, or the cover design, or who to ask for a quote or a review, or how to promote their book. Some clients had none of those things – nothing more than a desire to share their ideas or experiences. But wherever they began, we took them to the finish line. And in every case the author ended up with a published (not self-published) book.

That’s why, from the beginning, our motto has been: You think the great thoughts; we’ll take it from there.

Our business is one of enabling you to share your thoughts with the world.

We are experts at finding the best way to capture your ideas and then to express them in your voice. Whether you write, tell, narrate or converse with us, we will gather your insights and turn them into a manuscript written in language that is coherent, vivid and relatable. Our writers and editors are world-class wordsmiths who have written or edited best-sellers and award-winners of their own.  They are skilled at giving you a book that will earn you strong reviews and plaudits for the quality of your prose.

Regarding publication, we offer every service you need to turn your manuscript into a handsome print or electronic book, promote it and get it distributed through the most effective channels.

We strive to optimize your time throughout this process. But this is not a hands-off process. If you are under-involved, it won’t be your book. If you don’t engage enough with the marketing and promotion, you’ll  end up with a really great book that nobody reads.  That said, we think you will enjoy the experience – especially if you are a first-time author.

There are many publishers much larger and better known than SVP. But unless you’re an established author with a proven ability to sell books in great volumes, they will only deliver sporadic attention, intermittent  support, cookie cutter design and packaging, and a very long time window to publication. Most traditional publishers also hold the cards on your book’s title, subtitle, design, pricing, and worst of all, royalty split.

Traditional New York publishing houses not a great fit for you?

There are literally countless people eager to help you to self-publish your book. Self-publishing is plagued with inadequate editing and proofreading, cheap formatting and packaging, minimal distribution power, and weak promotion resources. People who work in self-publishing typically pick their spots, play their parts,  and wish you the best. While there is some talent out there, you’ll need to master every step of the creation, production, marketing and distribution processes yourself. That’s why they call it self-publishing.

You have a third, and better, option.

Silicon Valley Press has learned over the course of creating nearly thirty books precisely how to serve aspiring authors. We understand how to match writing talent with authors; how to assess the market for a new book; how to adapt our process to your work and lifestyle; when to start planning the launch; which opinions to elicit; how to design the business case and model – and website – for your book. If you wish, we can help you find a printer, a national distributor and arrange for publicity and marketing – all at a level and quality even big, traditional publishers struggle to match.

If you are planning – or just dreaming of – writing a book, please include us in your publisher search. We think you’ll find that our service is the most personalized, most efficient, and of the highest quality that you will find.  Your book deserves it.

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