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Think about the thought leaders in your field. How many of them have become book authors?

If you are a creative entrepreneur looking to become a thought leader in your industry, it’s time to put writing a book at the top of your to-do list. Sharing your ideas and experiences with the world can be done by producing a well-written book. It’s an excellent way to establish your personal and professional brand, generate clients and investors for your company, and establish yourself as a subject matter expert.

But like most things of real value, writing a book is hard work, and it is worth it. To quote one of our authors, “becoming an author is transformative.”

We’ve seen first hand as authors curate and refine their thoughts for the book as their understanding of causes and effects grows radically. As their capacity for critical thought builds their confidence increases and cements the fact that they really do know what they’re talking about.

The ideas and expertise you share should be based on your lived experiences. That is key to ensuring that your book can have a profound impact on a large scale. Often, the strongest catalyst to impact is a compelling book that organizes and frames the transformative insights that you are willing to share. Your reader needs to be the person who is most deeply invested in the experience your book provides.

With your book’s Who, Why, What, and How clearly defined in your outline, you are well on your way to writing a powerful book that speaks to your larger vision–and ultimately impacts lives.

The process of writing your book can be a high-impact experience where you think the great thoughts, and the professional wordsmiths–ghostwriter, copyeditor and proofreader–transform you into an authentic thought leader and cement your bona fides.

In an increasingly skeptical world, authoring a book positions you to be the credible figure others in your industry turn to with greater frequency. Sharing your expertise in this way opens doors to additional channels such as speaking opportunities, contributing articles, or writing whitepapers. You establish yourself as a leader who has ideas that are worthy of being taken seriously. Thought leaders are authoritative sources of information, so authoring a book and continuing with any type of follow-on on traditional or social media is crucial for this strategy.

A well-written book is full of actionable content, usually challenging the status quo, and is focused on goals, capable of producing results for the readership. Sharing your thought leadership in book form makes your valuable expertise available to the reader. Writing a book is also a great way to establish authority for yourself within your company as well as your industry. It can be an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and authority while sharing your insights about issues affecting consumers or businesses in your industry.

Thought leadership builds awareness and momentum for their companies, casting CEOs in a particular light, which can have very positive impacts on sales and revenues, as well as attract new business opportunities. Writing a book is the good way to begin. Thought leadership also helps in recruiting, because an extremely sought-after thought leader attracts high-caliber job candidates looking to work at a company with forward thinking, at the forefront of its industry.

To become a published author means you have an outlet for sharing your knowledge, but it is just as valuable on the path to becoming a thought leader.

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