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Picking the Right Path to Publishing Your Book

By atiyadwyer | February 21, 2023

Silicon Valley Press understands that the publishing process can be overwhelming for authors. We also understand that each client, each project, is unique with its own set of individual goals and measures of success. When we get to Phase 2 of our process, we work closely with our clients to decide on a reasonable timeline…

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Thinking About Taking Your Business Public? Read This Book First

By Joe DiNucci | January 24, 2023

Steve Cakebread’s The IPO Playbook lays out the what, when and how companies go public. Taking your business public is not for the faint of heart. It takes time and resources and it’s not something you can go at alone. Whether you’re in the first rounds of funding or just thinking about going through the…

Our Must Read Books from Silicon Valley Press and Why We Love Each One

By Joe DiNucci | December 13, 2022

As the year winds down we like to take a moment to look back at the incredible writing that has come through our hands in recent years as publishers of Silicon Valley Press. If you aren’t already familiar with us, Silicon Valley Press is in the  business of enabling leaders and thinkers to create the…